System Recovery

System Recovery

A System Recovery disc is a easy recovery DVD/CD containing a backup of you original computers condition free from any errors, updates, virus and malware.

If you have your computer repaired by us we can provide a recovery disk DVD for the price of £65.

This will guarentee that if ever you should have any problems with your computer you can just boot the DVD and within 10-20 mins your computer will be back to 100% working order with a full windows restore | windows repair!

Great for you with no need for costly call out fees to recover data and the stress of waiting to have your computer fixed. The System Recovery DVD gives great peace of mind to recover files and will save money in the long run as well!

We use an utility program that makes it possible to create a complete system image that can be restored later (to the same computer) in the event of a hard drive crash. The backup includes data files, as well as the operating system, programs, and settings.

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