Here is our standard prices please read the information at the bottom of the page.

  • Computer setup (Only Operating System Install) £65*
  • Microsoft Office Install £30 (Per Hour)
  • Computer check up £40
  • Software installation £30 (Per Hour)*
  • Hardware installation £30 (Per Hour)*
  • Data transfer £30 (Per Hour)
  • Drive formatting £30 (Without Windows Install)
  • Wired networking please contact Us
  • Wireless networking please contact Us
  • Printers and scanners installed £30 (Per Hour)
  • Internal hard drive fitting £30 (Without Windows Install)
  • Internet problems £30 (Per Hour)
  • Operating system help £30 (Per Hour)

The (Per Hour) prices is the standard fee but of course if there are major problems it could take over 1 hour. You will be advised early if the work will last over an hour before the work is started (See Terms & Conditions)

Home visits incur a £10 callout charge. All other charges apply as normal.

A full computer health check is time consuming job that can last over 1 hour. So they are a set price of £60.

Software and Hardware that has to be installed must be provided by you unless we can get it for free for example: antivirus software. If you wish Windows or any software to be installed we can provide the software but you must give us the license key for the windows or software.

If you need software for example: Update to Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or windows 10, then we can get that for you at the best price we can.

* Price of Software, Hardware & Operating System will be charged separately (See Terms & Conditions)