Ubuntu Live USB

Ubuntu Live USB

You can try out Ubuntu on a live usb without installing and it affecting your current operating system! Ubuntu linux operating system will run in about 99% of computers straight away and be internet ready. Ubuntu linux boots from USB which most modern computers support but please check with us just to make sure.

The benefit from using Ubuntu Live USB is that it will boot you a working easy to use live operating system. This could help you if you are having problems with your computer and need to get work done or get online.

  •   Supports 99% of wireless cards and mobile broadband (3G or 4G)
  •   Ubuntu Linux is fast and could boot quicker than other Operating Systems
  •   Try Ubuntu without changing or affecting windows
  •   Ubuntu will run on about 99% of computers new and old
  •   Ubuntu Linux comes with OpenOffice, Firefox and more
  •   Ubuntu is an extremely secure open source operating system
  •   Ubuntu desktop quickly connects to Facebook and Twitter
  •   Free from getting viruses and malware
  •   Add free extra applications via Ubuntu Software Center

There are so many reasons to use Linux today, it's hard to keep track of them all. Security is one, of course, but there are also many other reasons Ubuntu, in particular, has become such a good business choice - far better than Mac OS X or Windows.

We can supply and set up a live ubuntu usb for £35 which should not take very long to get up and running.