Data Recovery

Data Recovery

First thing is not to panic. If you suspect your drive has a problem, turn the computer off immediately and call us for a free advice. Whether you have deleted data by accident, data has become corrupted, the system will not boot or the drive has crashed, there is usually a solution available.

If you know the details of your operating system and hardware it will help us to find the best solution for retrieving your lost data. Sometimes what looks like a disaster can turn out to be simply a software problem. We can usually recover data from all types of hard disk drives and other storage devices.

  • Hard Drives
  • USB
  • Floppy
  • CD-ROM
  • DVD
  • Zip
  • Jaz
  • Flash Drive
  • Ipod
  • Camera Media
  • Phone Memory

We provide data recovery from all types of storage media.

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